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Google Product Ideas : Where Ideas evolve…

Do you have productive ideas for Google Products? Do you want Google to hear them?

Here comes, Google Product Ideas. Right now Google Product Ideas is open to Google Mobile Users, who have innovative ideas and love to visualize them. It may not just be a brand new idea; you can use this channel to suggest an improvement that you wish to see in any of the existing products.

Google Product Ideas use your Google credentials for identification. Once logged in, you can assign a nick name for yourself and start posting new ideas or vote existing ones. In addition to this, you can also mention Things that you like and don’t like about the Google Product. This is a nice approach to obtain feedback on Google Products from real users.

Once the ideas are posted, they are either voted up or down. Thus good ideas would make it to the top, picked up and considered for implementation.

Based on the success, this approach might be extended for other Google Products too. So, gear up and start shooting your ideas!!

Via ReadWriteWeb

December 31, 2008   Comments

Android Market in 2009

There is a lot to expect in the New Year, with reference to Android Market.

As announced earlier, Android Market will soon allow developers to sell their applications.  This is expected in the Q1 time frame of 2009.   The payment agreement as per the official post, would be 70:30;  developers getting the major share and the rest towards the Carrier charges.  Yes, you read it right - Google doesn’t get a dime!!

Support for paid applications can be initially expected in the USA and UK regions.  Then the support might spread to Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Spain, once the Android Market sets its foot.

This is a really good news for passionate Android developers, who can now boast with the likes of iPhone developers, who make handsome money through their applications.  So, let’s Go Android in 2009!!

December 31, 2008   Comments

Blogging Resolutions for 2009

First things first - Wish you all the readers, a very happy and productive New Year!

I have a regular habit of coming up with attractive new year resolutions, but find it really tough to achieve them.  So, one of my resolution is always to - Achieve all other resolutions

Here is the list of my Blogging Resolutions for the year of 2009.  I hope to work on these, for the days to come:

  • Make my blog and posts, much better!!
  • Increase the Subscriber base to at least 100 and Page hits to at least 25000
  • Better my Alexa Rank by at least 50%
  • Enter Google Page Rank!!
  • Start with Guest Blogging
  • Start with SEO Services

Wish me good luck on moving towards these targets and Wish you good luck on whatever you do!

December 31, 2008   Comments