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Starting with SEO #4 - Similar Posts

Over a time, any blogger publishes a good number of posts, that are around a similar topic. Generally, the link between posts are derived using the Post Titles, keywords in content, Categories and Tags.

Including Similar posts in your blog have the following two major advantages:

  • Readers can navigate to and read similar posts, with ease
  • Search engines can better identify the related posts, thus increasing the Internal Pagerank

As usual, Wordpress bloggers can achieve this using the Wordpress Similar Posts plugin. The plugin page has detailed instructions on how to install and get started. However there is a prerequisite of the Post-Plugin library (ZIP), that must be installed. I would better suggest to add the PHP code in the Single Post file, so that each of your post has information on the related posts.

There are quite a few options that can be configured - number of similar posts to show, the matching criteria etc.

In a related note, you can find here an interesting tip related to Similar posts plugin. It suggests a small hack to decouple the Date/Time information from your Similar posts link, so that it makes better sense for the Search engines.

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December 9, 2008   Comments

iPhone for $99?

A couple of days back the news was out that Wal-Mart will sell iPhone for $99. But now, the dust seems to have settled and this was yet another rumor. (I hear you shouting that the Post title was misleading… Sorry about that) The real news however is:

Wal-Mark will sell iPhone for $197 (2 dollars less), including the contract discount

Also, there is a nice post on whether an iPhone for $99 is good or bad. This is a really nice one and you should not miss it.  Popular arguments sway between the cheapened iPhone brand and reaching a different set of audience.

But I feel the price tag on iPhone in India, at 35000 INR (approx 700$+) is way too high.  iPhone has a wonderful web experience and can gain greater popularity once 3G is available in India.   Though Apple is not looking at a greater market share, a reduction in price is sure to attract a lot more net savvy Indians towards the iPhone.  What ya say?

December 9, 2008   Comments