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Windows 7 Beta download closing shortly [Beta Software]

It is official now! Windows 7 Beta download will be closing shortly in 3 phases.
January 27th – Users will get a warning that Windows 7 Beta download will start closing down shortly. Those who have not initiated the download and need Windows 7 Beta, must start on this date
February 10th – New downloads [...]

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Windows 7 Beta will be released on 9 January 2009

For all those waiting to obtain the official copy of Windows 7 Beta – download will be available through Windows 7 Beta site on 9 January 2009.
Few points about this Beta copy:

Windows 7 beta will be available for download only (no links).  Also, it will be available only for the first 2.5 million users who [...]

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Windows 7 : Crash handling

Such a crash alert cannot be a surprise for a long time Windows user. This is how Windows has been traditionally handling unexpected application crashes.
Thankfully, Windows 7 may put an end to this unhelpful way of reporting errors. Following is an example Windows 7 Crash alert:

In Windows 7, one can expect an option [...]

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Windows 7 : Accessibility Improvements

Windows 7 can be expected to have huge improvements, on the accessibility front.  You can read the official post here, on the accessibility features with Windows 7.
In summary:

UI Automation framework introduced with Windows Vista, has been greatly improved.  Now, the UI Automation and the legacy Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) system combine together with a nomenclature [...]

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Can you expect Windows 7 by 2009?

Microsoft, earlier in 2008 has announced that Windows 7, a much needed successor for the troubled Windows Vista, will be released in early 2010.
But, Don Reisinger of CNET News thinks otherwise. In his recent post, he discusses why Windows 7 might hit the shelves in 2009. In a similar note, Microsoft is working [...]

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