Blogging and Social Media Plan for the Next 1 Year

by Ashwin on September 14, 2009

First I thought of putting this into my Google Docs.  Then, I thought of my Personal Diary.  Finally, I decided to go with my Blog, where I tend to do most of these stuff.  I am sure this post is NOT to bore you, but to let you know, what to expect from Thoughts Unlimited over the next year.

Following are the list of items I intend to do

  • Create at least 15 Pillar Content that goes with the niche of my Blog
  • Release at least 3 eBooks around my Blog’s niche
  • Create at least 1 fully-featured customizable Thesis Theme Skin
  • Create at least 1 high quality FREE Wordpress Theme for my readers
  • Weekly Newsletters to summarize and build up on the weekly updates
  • Create a robust Facebook page and build a group around my Blog
  • Create a group of people who not only get something out of my Blog, but are happy enough to spread the word around

I want to use this post as a Vision for Thoughts Unlimited, over the next year.  Let me come back to the same post, 1 year from now, to see where I stand then and what were my mistakes!!

All have a wonderful week ahead!

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  • Ashish Sharma
    Wishes you great good luck.... and I am confident that you will achieve your predefined target standards. I likes your blog stuff especially social community related and I am looking forward for it.

    Great going.
  • Thanks dude. Nice that you like the blog. Keep visiting often for useful updates
  • Thanks dude. Nice that you like the blog. Keep visiting often for useful updates
  • teamnirvana
    Nice way to keep yourself motivated and aim at the final goal Ashwin. I too hope to do the same, but the professional life surely takes a toll and I dont wanna look like a jackass when I fail to reach a minimum of what I have said earlier.

    But, I wish you all the best in further time. I liked the blog and it's cool appeal. Nice theme and a very good quality content.
  • Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes - even I felt the pain when I started. I had a tough time managing the corporate life, blogging and some freelancing too =)

    But now I have reached a level where I manage stuff by careful planning and prioritizing. Thanks again - keep visiting for quality stuff.
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