Blogging Resolutions for 2009

Ashwin » 31 December 2008 » In General »

First things first - Wish you all the readers, a very happy and productive New Year!

I have a regular habit of coming up with attractive new year resolutions, but find it really tough to achieve them.  So, one of my resolution is always to - Achieve all other resolutions

Here is the list of my Blogging Resolutions for the year of 2009.  I hope to work on these, for the days to come:

  • Make my blog and posts, much better!!
  • Increase the Subscriber base to at least 100 and Page hits to at least 25000
  • Better my Alexa Rank by at least 50%
  • Enter Google Page Rank!!
  • Start with Guest Blogging
  • Start with SEO Services

Wish me good luck on moving towards these targets and Wish you good luck on whatever you do!

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