Android Market in 2009

by Ashwin on December 31, 2008

in Technology

There is a lot to expect in the New Year, with reference to Android Market.

As announced earlier, Android Market will soon allow developers to sell their applications.  This is expected in the Q1 time frame of 2009.   The payment agreement as per the official post, would be 70:30;  developers getting the major share and the rest towards the Carrier charges.  Yes, you read it right - Google doesn’t get a dime!!

Support for paid applications can be initially expected in the USA and UK regions.  Then the support might spread to Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Spain, once the Android Market sets its foot.

This is a really good news for passionate Android developers, who can now boast with the likes of iPhone developers, who make handsome money through their applications.  So, let’s Go Android in 2009!!

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