5 Quick Ways to make your Blog Extremely Popular

by Ashwin on September 22, 2009

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Don’t mistake this to be a spammer post – just with the title!  I will share some reasonable & practical techniques to make your Blog Extremely Popular, that would work sure shot! But the only downside is they may not work – if tried too early in your Blog’s Life Cycle.

Add your Blog to Blog Communities

Blog Communities are places where “content hungry” people throng to read more and more stuff.  Some examples of Blog communities include MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, Blogged and NetworkedBlogs.  Make sure to add your Blog to a few of these communities.

Following are the distinct advantages:

  • Visibility of your Blog increases
  • Many people start subscribing to your Blog (provided you have quality content)
  • You participate in a Network…

Make sure to setup your Blog using the right Images, Banners, Tags and Description.  Also, take care to categorize your Blog under appropriate topics, so that the content reaches the relevant audience.

Create a Facebook Page and Promote it

Right away, create a Facebook Page for your Blog and start sharing it with the millions of Facebook users out there.  Also, consider setting up your Blog’s RSS Feed on the Facebook Page, so that people can read stuff, without even visiting your Blog.

There are some excellent posts around on creating nice Facebook Pages and I like this one  a lot – How To Develop A Facebook Page That Attracts Millions of Fans

You can promote the Facebook Page by:

  • Placing a widget on your Blog
  • Writing a Blog Post about it
  • Including Page details in your Newsletter…

Write Guest Posts on Popular Blogs

Writing Guest Posts is an excellent way to drive lots of traffic to your Blog and ultimately making it extremely popular!  Keep the following points in mind when you start planning to Guest Post elsewhere:

  • Guest Post in Blogs that fall under the same niche, as your Blog
  • Write content that adds value to the Blog, where you are posting them
  • Display a nice & brief Bio about yourself in the post (better with a photo and a link to your Blog)
  • To start with – be ready to write for FREE!

Check out this post on How to get your (first) Guest Post published?

Share good content using Social Media Tools

I think a lot has been discussed on this topic.  But it is a massive technique to make your Blog and its posts popular, within a short span of time.

I recently came across this wonderful post by Darren Rowse of Problogger, on using the Social Media Tools for Blog Promotion – How to Promote a Blog

Write Tutorials and How To Posts

This is an highly underestimated but extremely effective technique to make your Blog popular.  People love to use and promote content that solves a problem or provides a better solution.  Plan for at least 5 posts per Month that can be categorized under the Tutorials or How To group.

It can be a tutorial on anything that falls in your niche.  From my personal experience, I have seen the popularity is extremely high on such posts.

Just follow these simple but powerful techniques and see your Blog’s popularity go up in no time.  What other techniques you use?  Bring those wonderful ideas out as comments here!

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  • Gordie
    First time to your blog.
    Thanks for these practical tips. I am working on my first guest post finally. I will also submit my blog to those blog communities. Thank you!
  • Gordie,

    Great that you found it useful. Congratulations on your guest posts. Keep visiting for more such useful posts!
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