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Start a Blog Series : Starting on January 23 2010

January 15, 2010 Start a Blog

What is a Blog?  Why do I start one?  How do I go about all these?  I am not a techie… I am not a good writer.  Can I start a Blog?
These may sound silly to regular bloggers – but these are questions that bog the minds of every novice or wannabe bloggers.  They [...]

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5 Habits of an “Extremely” Successful Blogger

January 10, 2010 Blogging Habits

Every Professional Blogger out there – you and me – wants to make it big.  We are fascinated by the success of a few Bloggers like – Darren Rowse and Dave Risley. 
But do everyone of us understand that Blogging is a different ball game?  It is a totally different business, that requires varied [...]

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Beyond Blogging – an eBook from the Experts

December 28, 2009 Blogging Tips

There has been a flurry of eBooks around – but this promises to be a good one.  Beyond Blogging is an eBook featuring case studies on the Top 15 Bloggers in the world and their interviews, which promise to be extremely motivating. Some of the Prominent names in the list include – Darren Rowse, Brian [...]

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Writing more Blog Posts – the Myth and the Reality!

October 22, 2009 Blog Writing

Every wannabe Professional Blogger has this question.  How do I write more Blog Posts?  (Psss… a secret – with a Professional Blog the quality is more important than the quantity of posts!)

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Writing a Blog Post at the Speed of Light

October 14, 2009 Blog Writing

Every Blogger would agree with me, that it takes a longer time to write a Blog Post – than to get an idea on what to write.  Do you know there are some simple techniques that can help you write a Blog Post, almost at the speed of light?  Read on!
Don’t Meddle a lot with [...]

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How to Retain your Blog Readership?

October 4, 2009 Blog Readership

You have hard earned the readers for your Wonderful Blog.  Now the most important question comes up – How do you retain your readers?  How do you make sure that none of the readership is lost, during the course of your Blogging journey?
Follow these simple but useful techniques to make sure that your readership [...]

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Hidden Benefits of Blogging

September 27, 2009 Blogging Tips

Most of us start a Blog to express our views and to feel a sense of achievement on being popular.  But Blogging can lead to Side Effects (positive, of course), some of which you never might have expected.
Your Writing Skills improve like Magic
Blogging frequently will help you notice a substantial improvement in your writing skills.  [...]

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Create Newsletter from your Blog RSS Feed using MailChimp

September 23, 2009 Blog Promotion

If you are into serious Blogging, setting up a Newsletter is definitely somewhere on your agenda.  In this post I will show you how to setup a simple and effective Newsletter using the RSS Feed of your Blog in minutes.  We will use MailChimp as our service provider.

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5 Quick Ways to make your Blog Extremely Popular

September 22, 2009 Blogging Tips

Don’t mistake this to be a spammer post – just with the title!  I will share some reasonable & practical techniques to make your Blog Extremely Popular, that would work sure shot! But the only downside is they may not work – if tried too early in your Blog’s Life Cycle.

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Thumbnail image for Display Feedburner and Twitter Stats in your Thesis Theme

Display Feedburner and Twitter Stats in your Thesis Theme

August 4, 2009 Blogging Tips

Got bored of the traditional Feedburner Feedcount image?  Stuck with the Twitter Plugins that claim to display the number of followers in your blog? Forget them all.  I will show you how to get the Feedburner and Twitter subscriber stats programmatically (using PHP) in your Thesis powered blog and display them at your convenience.  This [...]

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