Hidden Benefits of Blogging

by Ashwin on September 27, 2009

in Blogging Tips

Most of us start a Blog to express our views and to feel a sense of achievement on being popular.  But Blogging can lead to Side Effects (positive, of course), some of which you never might have expected.

Your Writing Skills improve like Magic

Blogging frequently will help you notice a substantial improvement in your writing skills.  You will start learning the art of organized writing, paraphrasing content and summarizing ideas.  You never know – might end up writing a “Best Seller” some day!

Develop a Network of like minded People

You know where I find the most of like minded people on the Social Web?  Not on Twitter or Facebook, but on the comments section of my Blog. Your Blog will ultimately be the channel to earn you the acquaintance of like minded folks and the prospective relationships there after.

New Business Opportunities

The content that you write and the information you share, exposes the innate talent and skills in you.  This has the harmful(!) benefit of some new Business opportunities knocking your door.  Especially good for freelancers and another reason why should they start a Blog.

Source of Passive Income

Once your Blog gets popular and has the necessary ingredients for money making, then it slowly turns out to be a source of Passive Income.  You write what you like and get good money in return.  Sounds ideal, isn’t it?

Brand Name Association

Your Blog Name (or Brand Name) becomes an identifier for yourself.  You are innately associated with the Brand Name and become inseparable!  So, if you start a Business with this Brand Name then marketing costs come down to earth!

There are many such hidden benefits that your Blog can bring you.  Anything missing?  No problems and that is why the comments section is for.

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  • Gordie
    These are all excellent points which I'm just starting to discover through having my own blog. Just one clarification, blogging doesn't really generate passive income, because you still have to work to keep the income coming in. However, blogging is very scalable, which means if you have a hundred readers per day or ten thousand per day, your workload is going to remain pretty similar. So, as your blog gets more popular, its income increases while you don't have to work harder.

    Thank you Ashwin. Great post. Really enjoying your blog. :)
  • Hi Gordie,

    Thanks for your wonderful comment. Yes you are absolutely right. Your blog is just a platform to start generating passive income for you. Many times it is not just the content but other associated factors like Ads, Affiliate Marketing etc. Also, as you pointed out it takes good amount of time before you start seeing money floating out.

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