Why Professional Blogging can be really dangerous?

by Ashwin on January 26, 2010

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The recent celebrities in the Social Web, are the Professional Bloggers.  They blog for others and grow themselves in the process.  Are you longing to be one?  But do you know that professional blogging can be really dangerous?  Read on to identify, if you are ready to get into this dangerous world of Professional Blogging.

It can make you a Celebrity

Are you ready to take this?  If you get insanely successful in blogging, you could become an overnight Social Web Star.  People talk about you on Twitter, Facebook and the other social media tools.  Your readers will turn into ambassadors – actively marketing your ideas and products.  Your life might seem like magic – with too many responsibilities on your shoulders – as with any celebrity.  Are you game?

It can create an additional source of Income

This is an interesting by-product of Blogging.  Gradually but definitely some day, you will start making money out of blog.  It may be the Affiliate products, Advertisements or other kind of business that your blog can help you with.  You might even be tempted to give up your full-time job and get into full-time blogging.  Dangerous isn’t it?  Are you ready?

It can improve your Writing skills, to go on to become an Author!

A Serious Blogger to a best-selling Author is a natural progression.  You keep writing online chronicles and people start appreciating your writing skills.  You get overwhelmed and continue writing more great stuff.  Eventually you decide to author a book and it becomes a best-seller!  Awesome!  Have you ever thought about being nominated for the Pulitzer?

It can connect you with People across the Globe.  You might have a friend in Antarctica!

A Blog is the best of all the networking tools available, if used wisely.  If your blog isn’t so seriously Region focused, you will start attracting readers from across the globe.  Readers can vary from casual ones to prospective business clients.  You will start making friends with someone in Antarctica, which would never have been possible otherwise.  Can you take this?

It can make you feel happy because you are helping others

Write one authoritative blog post (more on authority in my next post) on a topic of your interest and you will immediately notice people start thanking you for the amazing content.  One example of an authoritative blog post is a seriously-researched-and-written-howto-tutorial.  When you see about 100+ people thanking you, as they got something useful from the post – you cannot help feeling happy.  Are you ready?

Disclaimer: Though all of these are possible outcomes of Professional Blogging, it can take an insanely longer time to reach there (depending on the niche).  But be ready to experience all these dangerous (!!) stuff that might follow your passion.  Persevere and you will succeed!

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