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What I Hate to see in a Professional Blog?

August 17, 2009 · Comments

in Blogging Tips

Professional Blogs are meant to be professional.  Look at the posts on ProBlogger or Copyblogger.  They all have a commonality.  They all have an advice to broadcast or a problem to solve.  There are many blogs which does nothing but exist.  What are the things that piss you off in a professional blog?  Read on for my list.

Following is my brief list of “Things I hate” in a Professional Blog, that I follow:

  • Purely Personal Posts – If is just about one’s accomplishments, making $10000 a month, blah-blah…, then it is better to just keep off. I am OK if it gives me some pointers or tips.  But nevertheless, I am seldom impressed by a trumpet!  (Occasional personal posts are OK if it’s an announcement or a broadcast message!)
  • Very Little Excerpt of Posts in Home Page/RSS Feed – This is something that pisses me off.  The first thing you notice in a blog is the latest post and it turns me down if I have to click further to read it.  Excerpts in RSS feed to boost Blog traffic, is the limit!
  • Too many images in every Post – Images are good if they are relevant and are used to demonstrate or emphasize something.  But 10-15 images on a post that demonstrates nothing just disappoints both the reader and the Search Engine
  • Home Page load time exceeds a minute – If I go to a blog home page, just to wait for more than a minute for the page to load completely, then that would be my last visit!
  • Advertising Images/Text dominating the content – As I often repeat in my posts, advertisement must co-exist with the content.  Readers don’t come to a blog to click on Ads.  They read content and are happy to give you money, by clicking the relevant Ads.  A website predominantly full of ads, remembers me of spam stuff

So, now it’s your turn.  What do you hate to see in a Blog?  What kind of characteristics or content urge you to unfollow a blog/website?  Discuss in the comments!

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  • Matt Langford
    All good stuff you point out for sure! I especially HATE excerpts in RSS feeds...
  • Yes - very small excerpts in RSS feeds tempt to unsubscribe right away!!
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