How to Retain your Blog Readership?

by Ashwin on October 4, 2009

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You have hard earned the readers for your Wonderful Blog.  Now the most important question comes up – How do you retain your readers?  How do you make sure that none of the readership is lost, during the course of your Blogging journey?

Follow these simple but useful techniques to make sure that your readership curve is always on the steeper side.  After all, readers are the sole purpose of your Blog’s existence, aren’t they?

Reach out to your Readers regularly

Make sure your readers don’t forget about your Blog.  It can easily happen that your Blog is lost among the million others writing similar stuff and providing similar services.  Reach out to your Readers at regular intervals.  Some of the common ways:

  • Send Informative and useful Newsletters
  • Tweet them personally for some new features and content on your Blog
  • Visit their Blog and participate in discussions

Bring in Predictability to your Blog

People visit those Blogs often where they can expect certain regular trend of posts, on particular days (or) weeks.  For example, if you are writing Tutorial Posts on a particular topic every Sunday, then some readers might visit your Blog during these times.  Make it crystal clear on your Home Page about such Regular Featured Posts and stick to the schedule.

Write like a Pro

This is a must-have skill, that every blogger should strive to pick up as they write.  People love those writers, who write like a Pro on their chosen topic.  I don’t just refer to the language here – but also the writing style and the tone of the post.

Do a complete research of the topics and write with authority.  Such posts are always a hit!

Prefer Regular Readers for any Offers

If you are getting into the next level of Blogging, by marketing products and selling services using your Blog as a platform – make sure to treat your Regular Readers with a difference.  Provide them special offers and discounts! Don’t forget to let them know that such privilege comes from their readership and loyalty to your Blog.

Showcase their Participation in the Blog

Readers generally love the highlight!  Showcase the regular readers and participants of your Blog in some unique way that they appreciate.  Some ideas may be – having a Top Commentators section in your Blog or including your Readers Blog in your Blogroll.

These are some ideas to retain readership in your Blog.  Have more wonderful ideas – share them as comments to this post.  I would love them!

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  • Gordie
    Hi Ashwin,
    I agree with you about the writing. You should always be aiming to improve it. One caveat I have is that you must have your own writing style which carries across your personality. So, I try to be humorous as much as a Kiwi can be in my posts. Sometimes, I also like to speak strongly and directly which I find can rub people a little bit, but always makes for stimulating comments.

    Enjoying your blog! :)
  • Yes that is true Gordie. I have seen strong and rough posts (a bit controversial too!) always attract the huge number of comments. So another tip for some who wish to see more comments on their Blog! :)

    Nice to have you here again...
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