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  • Wordpress & Thesis Theme
  • Freelancing
  • Excelling as a Professional Blogger

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About the Author (Ashwin)

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I am a Web Application Developer working out of Bangalore, India. I love working with Technology, Blogging, Web Design, Web Development and Social Media Tools. Out of Technology, I love Driving, Traveling, Photography and time with my Family.

Recently I am into lots of Mobile Applications development but will take some good time to mature. Until then, I prefer to call myself a Web Application developer!


I am good at using the following pieces of technology.

  • Web Applications – PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, XML, Ruby on Rails, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress
  • Web Design – CSS, Thesis Theme, HTML Templates
  • Social Media Strategies – Twitter and Blog Setup/Usage, Content Writing, Promoting Products, Email Marketing etc.

Open for (Part time) Freelancing Work!

Freelancing is a part time activity.  Please feel free to get in touch – for any web development, programming or blogging work.  Always reachable on mail – or Contact here

What kind of Freelancing work I do?

  • Develop PHP Web Applications using CodeIgniter and JQuery
  • Wordpress Blog Setup and Consulting
  • Helping with Social Media Marketing for your Business
  • Customizing Thesis Theme for Wordpress
  • Develop Simple and Powerful Joomla Components

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  • Matt Langford
    Didn't really know where to leave this comment -- so remove it if you'd like. But, I'm very impressed with this Thesis Skin! Nicely done. I especially like your gigantic 40-something pixel left-borders on the titles of your posts and pages. Good job man!
  • Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the words of support. I have been developing Web applications for 6 years now, but never a serious Designer. But I am slowly learning web design, thanks to Thesis which makes it easier for me. I am also open to work with you on some Thesis Customization (I hope you are doing something similar!). Let's try to make something work, if possible.

    Again, I never ever delete non-spam comments. So yours would remain on my About page =)

  • Matt Langford
    I'm always interested in new projects! Drop me a line via email (if you have it) or via my contact form with what you have in mind. Looking forward to it!
  • Sure will do Matt! Have a nice weekend.
  • dineshv
    Can you please help me to edit css of pagenavi.
  • Hi Dinesh,

    Sure I would like to help you but held up during this weekend. Possible only next week.

    Meanwhile - why don't you try this link for some pagination styles: http://mis-algoritmos.com/2007/03/16/some-style...

    Btw - I need to know what exactly you want the style to look like.

    Thanks for taking time to comment.
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