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Writing more Blog Posts – the Myth and the Reality!

by Ashwin on October 22, 2009

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Every wannabe Professional Blogger has this question.  How do I write more Blog Posts?  (Psss… a secret – with a Professional Blog the quality is more important than the quantity of posts!)


  • Read a lot
  • Think about what you Read
  • Plan the Blog Post – away from the computer
  • Write about what others like, in what you Think about what you Read! (oops…)

Personal Blog is where you write, what you like.  But Professional Blogs are meant to write – what others like!

Dipper, the Blogger!

Here is a Blogger who writes a Blog Post every day – in and out!  Let’s see what he writes, by the way:

  • How to increase your Twitter Followers?
  • How to make more money with you Blog?
  • Maximizing your Google Adsense Income in 30 days

Nobody wants magic here! Dipper definitely writes a lot – one post per day.  But is it worth the effort?  What do you think?

Dapper, the “Pro” Blogger!

Dapper writes thrice in a week.  He is not “desperate” to look like a regular blogger – but he is!  A peek at his blog:

  • 10 ways to Integrate your Twitter Account with the Wordpress Blog
  • Customizing the Navigation Bar in Thesis Theme for Wordpress

These are really helpful – even if it is for just one reader! They don’t make you shy away – definitely.

Lessons for us

  • Never appear desperate to write more or to be regular!
  • Write quality content that will help your readers
  • Don’t write for Traffic!

So are you the Dipper or Dapper?

Awesome photo by: Chapendra

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