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by Ashwin on September 12, 2009

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Contact forms are an essential component of any website or blog – as they provide an interface for your readers to get in touch with you.  123ContactForm gives you the flexibility to create HTML forms, style them to match your website or blog design, install them and get notified when someone fills it.  Read on to know about 123ContactForm and how it can help you and your site.

Why Contact Forms?

Many of my readers ask me – why do we need a contact form?  We show our Email address and other contact information in the website or blog – so where does the contact form fit in?

Contact form lets your users contact you, without leaving the website or blog.  Also, you provide them enough options to choose from, so that you can better categorize the requests or queries.  This is not generally possible with emails.  Also, some of the email requests might be lost, resulting in lost business or opportunities

So, Contact forms are essential – if you have a blog, website or even a static HTML page on web!!

What 123ContactForm has to offer?

There are many HTML form builders available around the web.  But 123ContactForm stands out with a few of its unique features.

Logo above the Form

You can choose to associate a logo with the HTML form that you create.  This gives a lot of branding effect!

Use your Website or Blog CSS to style the Form

To integrate the contact form seamlessly with your blog or website, you can use the same CSS for the form that styles up the rest of your website. This is missing in many HTML form applications I have tried!  You can check out a sample here to see the before and after CSS styling effects.

Anti-spam Protection

You can choose to protect your Form against Spam using the following options:

  • Limit submissions from an IP
  • Letter Image Captcha
  • Number Image Captcha (helpful with non-English users!)

…and much more.  You should definitely try out their service and other excellent features.

I don’t know HTML or How these forms work?

Don’t worry.  123ContactForm has a lot of predefined HTML templates to choose from.  Also, a wizard helps you all the way till you integrate the form with your website or blog.  This way you never need to know HTML, to use Contact forms.

Also, they have a very well documented Online Tutorials, Frequently asked Questions and Forums to help you with contact form creation and usage.  So you are never lost!

How much do I have to Pay?

Good news is – you never have to pay a single penny if you wish to use their Basic services.  So you get them for FREE!

As with any free service, you also have a Premium version with additional features and privileges.  Service Plan table gives you a comparison between the Free and the Premium plans.  So it is for you to choose from!

I still have Questions!!

Fair enough! Drop in your questions as comments in this post.  I will try to help you with them, even if it requires contacting the creators of 123ContactForm.

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