Attributes of Third Tribe Marketers – Are you there yet?

by Ashwin on February 8, 2010

in Internet Marketing

I was amazed by the Sales Pitch the Third Tribe Marketing team made.  It urged me to sign up for it immediately, once I read it.  That gave me the confidence, where I can learn some of these skills interacting with them.

So what is Third Tribe?

In my own words, Third Tribe marketers essentially exhibit the qualities of both money-savvy Internet Marketers and Social Media geeks.  They are the best breed!

You can read better about the Third Tribe here or here.

Attributes of Third Tribe folks

I am here with TTM for just 4 days – but I already have some elite friends and partners from this community.  Some essential attributes of folks I am meeting and interacting with on the forums – Passionate, Eye for perfection, Helping Others and constantly trying to Market their stuff

For some $27/month for the Third Tribe Marketing Membership might sound high.  But the stuff you’ll learn and the people you’ll get to know here are well worth it.

What are you waiting for? Join Third Tribe Marketing now and let me know your ID for me to connect with you!

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