If Serious about Blogging, learn how to Write better [Blogging]

by Ashwin on March 2, 2009

in Blogging Tips


Blogging started as a hobby for few, to share their ideas and interest with the rest of the world.  Still highly popular as a social networking tool, Blogging has evolved into much more than just that.

With Blogs serving as tools for Marketing Products, Spreading Ideas and Disseminating Corporate Information, extreme care is warranted while writing them. 

Creating a Blog is a mundane task, but writing quality content in the right way, is of utmost importance.  Almost all of us who had been to school are fortunate with a basic level of English Writing.   But when it comes to Writing in a Blog – preciseness and brevity – plays a key role.  Nobody in this age are willing to read a blog post with quality content, that is about 5 pages long!

What Not to Write – A Book on Writing!!

What Not to Write: An A-to-Z of the Dos and Don’ts of Good English – I find this book amazing…

This book has just about 150 pages, but a wealth of information inside it.  It gives you a lot of do not’s and a few do’s.  It is NOT a Grammar book, but a practical guide on usage of words, with an emphasis on brevity.  In my opinion, this is a must read for everyone who aspires to be a professional blogger. 

This book is very much available on Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/What-Not-Write-Z-English/dp/0955279801/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1236046991&sr=1-2

Wealth of Resources on Writing

Kiruba has been one of my favorite bloggers and he has a wealth of resources on writing, as a page in his blog.

I don’t wish to repeat what is already in there.  So here’s the link, for you to check it right away – http://www.kiruba.com/techwriting/resources.html

Though the very title of the page says “Resource on Technical Writing”, there are many links on general writing.  I would strongly recommend you to bookmark this page and use it as a reference.

So to sum things up, with the explosion of Web 2.0 and many people taking on to the Internet, quality content is what can make your blog stand out.  And this quality content can only be accentuated by quality writing, which is of utmost importance.  Happy Blogging!!

(Note: Feel free to add additional writing resources as comments to this post and I would be very happy with the enlightenment)

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