Start a Blog Series : Starting on January 23 2010

by Ashwin on January 15, 2010

What is a Blog?  Why do I start one?  How do I go about all these?  I am not a techie… I am not a good writer.  Can I start a Blog?

These may sound silly to regular bloggers – but these are questions that bog the minds of every novice or wannabe bloggers.  They keep hearing about Blogs, they see great ones around the web but still they are confused about whether to go for one.  And if yes, how to get started and build a successful Blog.  This series is to help all of them.  Read on.

Start a Blog Series

I will be running a Series of 10 Posts that just talk about – starting a blog and running it on top gear.  These posts are not just for people who are ignorant about what Blog is : but also for all novice bloggers who have setup a Blog, posted few contents but unsure of how to move ahead.  But these tips will come in a little later down the line – after about 4 Posts.

And, all this for FREE!

What are the topics to be discussed in this Series?

I cannot give you the complete list of topics, but here are some broad topics that will be discussed.

  • How to plan and start a Wordpress Blog?
  • How to make sure that your Blog is not just started – but running successfully?
  • Email Marketing
  • Twitter and your Blog…

There will be a surprise bonus content at the end of the series.  Keep watching out!

When will new Content be delivered?

The Plan is to deliver 2 Posts per week – one on Saturday Evening and the other on Wednesday Evening – both times EST.

First post will go live on 23 January 2010!

How can you follow the “Start a Blog Series” ?

You have several ways to follow all the posts in the “Start a Blog Series”

  • Follow the dedicated RSS Feed – Thoughts Unlimited Start a Blog Series feed
  • Follow the Tweets on Twitter with the #startablogseries hashtag
  • Bookmark the Thoughts Unlimited Blog and visit on the specified days (as above)
  • And the best of all… get the updates on your Inbox by subscribing here

Catch you all soon!  Get ready for Starting a Power Blog.

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