5 Habits of an “Extremely” Successful Blogger

by Ashwin on January 10, 2010

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Every Professional Blogger out there – you and me – wants to make it big.  We are fascinated by the success of a few Bloggers like – Darren Rowse and Dave Risley. 

But do everyone of us understand that Blogging is a different ball game?  It is a totally different business, that requires varied capabilities and strategies.

Even with the right strategies in place, extreme success in Blogging can take ages.  But can we spot some common characteristics and habits among the successful Bloggers? Yes, and this post gives you just that.

1.  Focus on a Niche

Without the focus, a Blog can never scale up.  Let’s take the ProBlogger Blog by Darren Rowse for example.  Had he been mincing topics like Blogging, Design, Photography and Travel – the current success might not have been a reality.

So early in the lifecycle of your Blog – focus on a Niche of your choice.  Once chosen – never change the niche unless absolutely necessary.  You can focus on a set of related topics in a particular niche – but never mince, digress or switch the niche.

2.  Invest in your Blog Design

A Clean Blog Design is an essential criteria for every successful blog.  You will rarely find a shabbily designed Blog making it big – unless the content is extremely appealing. 

But nevertheless, a Clean Blog Design helps to – port a professional look and urge the user to come back again – which are the keys for success.

Invest some money and time in the following – Blog Design, Logo Design and Twitter Background – and that will certainly reap you benefits. 

3.  Interact with and Help your Readers

Caring for readers is an essential quality of a successful Blogger.  Some of the things you can do to help your readers are:

  • Respond to readers’ comments on your Blog Posts
  • Help readers with their queries
  • If possible, go a step beyond to help them over emails
  • Thank your readers for sharing or spreading good stuff from your Blog

Remember – readers help you make it big at the end of the day.

4.  Be Regular and deliver Quality Stuff

Another success habit behind professional bloggers is to be regular.  Create a mental schedule for your Blog Posts and follow it.  Even if it is just 2-3 posts per week – a schedule makes you treat Blogging as a Business and ultimately make it a success.

Some Bloggers, in an urge to be regular – tend to deliver stuff with low quality – like a post full of links or just an embedded video.  Though such an occasional post is acceptable – regularly posting such content can frustrate the readers.    You always have Twitter and other social media tools to share links/videos. 

Remember – In Blogging a Reader lost, is almost never regained.

5.  Network with other Bloggers in your Niche

A Blog is not an island.  It can never exist alone!  Identify and network with other Bloggers in your Niche.  Some ideas for networking are:

  • Commenting on each others’ Blogs
  • Promoting others’ content
  • Guest Blogging

Darren has a wonderful post on his Blog about Blogging Alliance.  This should give an heads up on networking with Bloggers.

Bonus Tip

There are 2 essential tips to start making money from your Blog – among other things:

  • Use your Blog as a Platform – and start selling products and/or services.  This is an extremely profitable technique and can help boosting up your income stream 
  • Never underestimate advertising on your Blog.  Advertise wisely and keep an eye on your Blog Traffic 

Persevere.  Success in Blogging never comes overnight.  Stick to your niche and retain your Ambitions.  You will make it big some day!  Happy Blogging!  Share your thoughts and experience – I would love to hear them.

Photo Credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

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  • Big Girl Bombshell
    Great Reminder. I am currently in the process of working with a designer to give it more functionality. Just starting out it takes awhile to get to where you want to be, Big Dreams, Small steady steps!
  • Good luck! That's a great step forward and wishing you all success :)
  • Mike CJ
    One of the conclusions I came to when writing Beyond Blogging was that none of the "superstar" bloggers featured got away with "writing 2-3 posts a week." Without exception, they all blogged hard and often in the early days, and I do believe that's one of the things you need to do to achieve any kind of escape velocity.

    I know some people will hate to have that pointed out, but it seems to be the way it is.
  • Very valid point and taken gracefully. That's the point I reiterate to myself and all my readers. Blogging is like every other start-up and you need to work during the early days. Sometimes these early days can be many years too! Persevere and you will get where you want to be!

    Btw - Congratulations on the Beyond Blogging ebook. You both rock! Great going!
  • Jai
    Informative post, slow and steady blog post updates helps in longer run. I would like to add that not all information should be published at once, they could be scheduled as well.
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