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If you write a lot about Windows and Windows Live in your blog, then you should definitely consider joining the Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is a community that promotes Windows blog posts from all over the blogosphere.  All a blogger has to do is to join the Clubhouse and continue writing useful blog posts on Windows related topics.

This blog post from Windows Team Blog, gives details on what exactly you need to do, to be part of the Clubhouse.

How does it work?

When you write posts using Windows Live Writer, use some Special Tags to distinguish your posts.  As claimed by the blog post above, currently tags are available for Windows Vista and and Windows LiveWindows 7 tags are soon coming up.  Once you do this and your blog has a valid RSS feed, the posts are automatically picked up by The Clubhouse.

How does your Blog Posts become popular?

Now coming to this blog topic – we will take a look on how your posts gain popularity.

  • Once posts with special tags are pulled by The Clubhouse, they are visible to other Clubhouse Members
  • Members rate these posts and top rated posts become special!
  • These special posts are showcased on Microsoft websites, newsletters and also tweeted from @MSWindows, @windowslive
  • Depending on your blog topic – Windows Vista or Windows Live – the post may also be showcased in the following websites
    • Explore Windows Live
    • Discover Windows Vista
  • Continuing to write good posts can also earn you Club points and Club badges.  Badges are a way to prove your competency on Windows blogging (May be you get additional perks out of these points and badges, which is obscure at the moment)

So if you are a Windows blogger, looking to popularize content, then The Clubhouse is something to give a good try.

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