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Everything you wanted to know about XML Sitemaps [SEO Tips]

What is a Sitemap?
Sitemaps are an easy way to tell search engines about pages on the site, that are available for crawling.  There are two types of sitemaps:

HTML Sitemap – Listing of the pages of your site, so that the users can find relevant and important information faster
XML Sitemap – List of URLs for a [...]

Write Pretty Code snippets in your Blog with SyntaxHighlighter WP plugin [Blogging Tips]

Do you regularly write blog posts in Wordpress, that contains huge number of code snippets? If yes, read on and I will show you how to make them pretty and usable with the SyntaxHighlighter plugin.
Step 1 : Download the SyntaxHighlighter WP Plugin
SyntaxHighlighter is an open-source syntax highlighter written using JavaScript. You can view the [...]

Things to AVOID, once your Blog is established

You have a blog, it is popular and boasts of over 1000 subscribers. Now What?
Make sure you don’t make any of the following mistakes, which might affect your blog’s popularity and reputation.
1. Change the Permalinks Structure
A Permalink or a Permanent Link is an unique URL to any blog entry that you make. [...]

Plugins for Windows Live Writer

If you use Windows Live Writer for most of your blogging needs, then you will appreciate these new plugins.

DiggThis Badge
Twitter Notify
Flickr Upload

These are really useful ones.  Read more about the new plugins for Windows Live Writer here.
You can download the latest version of Windows Live Writer here.
Happy Blogging!!

Starting with SEO #5 - Essential SEO Plugins

Wordpress is well known for its plugins, when it comes to extensibility. There are many plugins around, especially to make your blog SEO friendly.
Check out this post, on the 9 SEO plugins that every blog should have. It is a nice collection of some very useful plugins.
Thanks, Darren Rowse for sharing the list [...]

Starting with SEO #4 - Similar Posts

Over a time, any blogger publishes a good number of posts, that are around a similar topic. Generally, the link between posts are derived using the Post Titles, keywords in content, Categories and Tags.
Including Similar posts in your blog have the following two major advantages:

Readers can navigate to and read similar posts, with ease
Search [...]

Starting with SEO #3 - Anchor text and Images

Anchor text
Anchor text is a clickable text on a HTML page, that takes the user to another HTML pages either within the same site or a different site.  This is usually achieved using the HTML tag.
Better the anchor text is, easier it is for the users to navigate and simpler for [...]

Wordpress 2.7 is around the corner

Wordpress is becoming very popular among the bloggers, especially those who host their own blogs. Official release of Wordpress 2.7, for self-hosted blogs is expected around 10 December 2008.   But the release candidate for Wordpress 2.7 is available to download, for impatient bloggers.
There are several interesting features that make this an exciting release. [...]

Starting with SEO #2 - Page Titles and Meta Tags

Page Titles
Title tags provide a description on the content of the page, to both search engines and users. Title tags are recommended to be unique for each page and post (in case of blogs). This will highly improve the chances of your posts, making into top search results.
As per Google SEO Starter guide [...]

Starting with SEO - #1

I have been blogging for quite some time. But only recently I was struck with the buzzword, SEO. For those of you who are unaware of this term but running a blog (and looking to popularize it!), I would like to share my learning through this series of posts.
SEO stands for, Search Engine [...]