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BrowserShots – Test your website appearance across OS and Browsers

Every web developer must have confronted with the need to test the – layout, appearance and behavior – of their web site across Operating systems and browsers. Though the behavior testing requires the physical installation of the browser, the appearance and layouts can be easily tested using BrowserShots, an open source initiative.
BrowserShots takes in [...]

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Why Google Chrome might be preferred for Firefox?

Firefox is an extremely robust browser, with numerous choices for customization and extensibility. Though Google Chrome’s market share just recently hit 1%, there are certain of its features that stand out among the rest. In this post, I have tried to identify the areas where Chrome holds an upper hand, against Firefox. [...]

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Google Chrome is out!

Oops!  Whatever Google does, is creating waves.  1 out of every 10 posts amont the Technology blogs that I follow, were about Google Chrome.  This urged my desire to install and get a feel of the browser.
I was not disappointed.  Google Chrome, fresh out of the box, is really fresh.  Sometimes I feel annoyed by [...]

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