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Looking to learn HTML5 and CSS3 ?

by Ashwin on January 13, 2010

in Web & Mobile Tech

I have recently seen many Web Developers try to get hold of HTML5 and CSS3 – as they both hold keys to the future of Web Development.
If you are one of those, then the following links are essential to bookmark.  They make an excellent weekend read – and help you feel absolutely enlightened!

Dive Into HTML5

Few [...]


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If you are into web development and do a lot of funny stuff like me, then I would recommend to follow these 5 sites.  The mode of follow – Bookmarking, RSS, Email Feed – might differ from me, but the one thing I am sure of is the quality of information.
1. Smashing Magazine
Definitely tops the [...]


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Woork – A must follow blog for Web developers

by Ashwin on July 1, 2009

in Freelancing, Web Apps

I came across the blog – Woork – by Antonio Lupetti a few months back.  It is one of the blogs that can catch your attention almost instantly.
Nowadays, when I am stuck on something during my web development projects – like choosing a font, implementing Captcha or some AJAX controls – I instantly look up [...]

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Top 10 “On Demand” Skills for Software Freelancers

by Ashwin on June 21, 2009

in Freelancing

If you are planning to get into software freelancing, the first thing to care about is developing the right skill sets for your job.  If you are learning something, it is better to know about the demand for each of the skill and choose the right ones that suit you.
July marks the end of an [...]

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