5 Sites to follow if you are a Web Developer

by Ashwin on July 21, 2009

If you are into web development and do a lot of funny stuff like me, then I would recommend to follow these 5 sites.  The mode of follow – Bookmarking, RSS, Email Feed – might differ from me, but the one thing I am sure of is the quality of information.

1. Smashing Magazine

Definitely tops the list with the depth and research that goes into each post.  If you are into web design/development and not heard of Smashing Magazine, then you are missing something!  Sometimes you find the posts are really long, but its definitely worth spending the time.

Link to: Smashing Magazine

2.  Woork

You don’t find Antonio Lupetti, the author of Woork, posting very often.  But when he does, the quality is assured.  The topic of posts vary from tips, techniques, tools and everything around web development.  A must follow, to know about some interesting tools, which you might eventually start using!

Link to: Woork

3.  Nettuts

Think quality web development tutorials, think Nettuts.  I really mean it!  All the tutorials posts over there are of high quality.  I have a separate label in my Google Bookmarks just for Nettuts and the tutorials of my interest.  Just keep tuning into Nettuts often and you will understand what I mean.

Link to: Nettuts

4.  SpeckyBoy

This is one of my recent finds.  I found this blog through a guest post in Nettuts, got impressed and finally subscribed to it.  The overall quality of the content is good but it may take a while before confirming its usefulness.  But it looks definitely worth a try!

Link to: SpeckyBoy

5.  Ajaxian

Ajaxian is a simple and effective blog to keep you posted on the happenings in the AJAX world.  Sometimes the posts lack depth but nevertheless a good one to follow.  Let me know if you differ.

Link to: Ajaxian

This list is completely based on my experience with these sites or blogs.  There is absolutely nothing between the authors of these blogs and me, except that I am a reader of theirs.  Feel free to suggest more useful blogs and I will be more than pleased to add them to the list.

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