Branding yourself for the tough times

Times are tough and everyone knows it. I have tried to identify a few points, that one must consider. I would rather recommend these to be a part of your Personal Brand, rather than as tactics during difficult times.


  • Crib about your current employer or current job using social media like Blogs, Facebook etc.
  • Actively scout for jobs citing job insecurity or financial targets - time can turn tough for everyone and they might guess your attitude based on this
  • Be passionless about your current job or rule - better alternative is to talk about these to your manager and improve the condition
  • Building credit by the way of Credit Cards, Loans etc. - these can be a burden that you may not be able to offload


  • Try and add value to your current role at the organization
  • Equip yourself better for the current job in hand - part time education, certifications, etc. are a few options
  • Be open to take up additional responsibilities that might come up, due to more people leaving the organization
  • Be prepared to take some beating on the financial front - the organization treated you well at good times and now it is your turn
  • Save money by all possible means - this might turn out to be an investment on the new business you might have to start :)

Feel free to add additional points as comments to this post. As they say, “Tough times never last, but tough people do”