Google Software Construction Toolkit for your Cross-Platform build needs [Programming]

Posted February 14th, 2009 by Ashwin and filed in Programming


Google has released the Google Software Construction Toolkit for building applications across platforms.  Using this toolkit, you can use a single “makefile” shared between all platforms – Windows, Mac and Unix.

This toolkit is written in Python and uses the Open Source SCons build tool.  The toolkit is Open Source and can be used easily for building open source projects.  Also, support is provided for parallel builds on multiple platforms.

Web Objects in XML

Posted August 8th, 2008 by Ashwin and filed in Uncategorized
Tags: java and c#, , wox, xml serialization

WOX, which expands to Web Objects in XML is one another serializer for Java Objects to XML and vice versa.  In my opinion, I find XStream a little heavy and you can give this a try, if your requirements are light.

It supports all essential data types - Primitives, Arrays, Lists and Maps.  Another nice feature is the interoperability it provides, between C# and Java.  Objects in C# can be serialized into XML, which can be deserialized in Java and vice versa.

They have highlighted many features of WOX.  But following are the ones, I would bet for.

  • Requires no class modifications
  • Interoperability Java and C#
  • WOX Data types and Collection classes
  • Small footprint (Only 1 jar and size is about 25k)

There are many other features, which I am yet to try out.  Appears to be clean and simple!