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Broker system for Venture Capitals

This is interesting.  Appears to be a good solution for both VC and Startups.  VC’s can utilize the service to streamline their investment for maximizing the profit and Startups can gain better visibility.  But it must not turn out that the Middlemen consumes most of the investment!!

Magnetic Marketing

How many times you find an innovative product or an idea not doing well, just because it has not reached the end consumer? Every idea or a product has two parts - “most tangible” and “least tangible”. So to market successfully, one must identify the “most tangible” part and focus it, in his/her strategy. For instance, I visited a food court this evening. In a couple of outlets, all dishes on the menu, were on display at the counter. When it comes to food items - “most tangible” is the visual appeal that encourages one to try a new dish and “least tangible” is the actual taste when one eats it. Thus, their strategy is to have the food items on display, thus hitting on the “most tangible” part.

I would call this, Magnetic marketing. You pull the customer and then make him/her buy your stuff. Good stuff is useless, without anyone caring about it. Though this strategy may not always work - I consider it good for many cases.

Key attributes of New Ventures

When someone starts a new Business venture, sailing is not always smooth.  New Ventures are prone to acceptance, appreciation, uncertainity, criticism and rejection.

DNA Daily is entering Bangalore and following qualities in their marketing, won them a subscriber :) .  I think these are essential bare minimum qualities, that any new Business venture, must exhibit.

Creating an Irresistible Urge for Acceptance

  • An introductory offer to have both the National and Business news for Rs. 299 an year
  • My current daily (with business news) costs me about Rs. 1800 an year
  • That’s a flat savings of 83% !

Minimal Change and Compromise, required on the Consumer

  • DNA Daily would be circulated by the same Newspaper vendor, who delivers my current daily
  • Only thing required by me, is to intimate the vendor to supply DNA Daily, instead of my current daily
  • No compromises required, as I am quite satisfied with my current vendor


  • Though the offer was a good one, I was not ready to accept it on the first attempt
  • I wanted to get in touch a week later, on our first meeting
  • He kept his word and met me again
  • He won a subscriber!