LiveDrive is your one-stop online storage solution

Posted January 2nd, 2009 by Ashwin and filed in Technology, Web 2.0
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Are you looking for a fast and flexible online storage service? LiveDrive is definitely worth a try!

LiveDrive is a beta online storage service, that is open for public registration. LiveDrive has certain features, that makes it stand apart.

Unlimited Storage Space

I don’t think this needs any explanations!

Hard Drive-Like Access

You can install the LiveDrive software, that creates a virtual-drive like location on your computer. To upload any files to your LiveDrive web account, just copy the files to this location and they are synchronized magically. This has 2 distinct advantages - upload files without any software and access files across computers (you need to install the LiveDrive software in each of them and configure)

View and Edit Office, PDF and Image Files

LiveDrive has an in-built Zoho plugin, that enables you to edit Office files online. Also available is the Scribd plugin, to view the PDF files and PhotoFlexer plugin to edit Image files, all within your browser.

Optimized for Mobile (and iPhone) access

LiveDrive is optimized for access through Mobile Phones, especially the iPhone. Thus, your files are accessible on the go.

Publish straight to Facebook and Youtube

This feature is not yet available. Once brought in, this will be handy for those who frequently publish their shared files through Facebook and Youtube.

You can sign up for a free account here! It may take more than a day for activation, as LiveDrive claims heavy beta requests.

Windows Live Skydrive

Posted December 22nd, 2008 by Ashwin and filed in Technology, Web 2.0
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Huge number of online storage services, some completely free and some free to a certain limit, have been burgeoning over the last few years. One such service worth mentioning is, Windows Live Skydrive. To use this service, you must sign up for a Windows Live account, which is a Single-Sign-On for all Windows Live services.

Key Features of Windows Live Skydrive:

  • Part of Windows Live family.  Can bet on its existence and may not be withdrawn or given up
  • Free storage space upto 25 GB
  • Single File upload limit of 50 MB
  • Simple user interface for Folder Creation and File uploads
  • Embeddable links for Folders and Files
  • RSS feeds for Public Folders

Skydrive, at the startup, provides the following folders with varying access levels - Documents, Public, Favorites, Shared favorites

But you can create any number of folders and assign suitable access level for each of those. You can choose to make the folder - Private, Public, Share with network (Windows Live), Share with selected people (email list)

Once a folder is made Public, you can also publish the RSS feed link for that folder. This is very useful when you frequently add documents and wish to have it available for the public. Also, the public folders and files can be embedded into web pages using the

With Skydrive, you can also create photo albums, add photos and share it with your friends.

Thus, Skydrive is ideal - if you are an active member of Windows Live community or looking for a quality free online storage service with good amount of space.