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You don’t always need the Best… Do you?

When we plan to spend money on something, there are always choices.  Usually these choices vary on two major factors – cost and quality.

I am sure that most of us need the best quality and end up making a choice with a higher cost.  Just think about it – Do you always need the best quality?  Can we trade-off on quality-for-cost?

This is a relative question.  For instance, you wouldn’t want to trade-off on quality for a food item or health care.  But there are instances where you can trade-off for quality – transportation, hotel rooms, things that you rarely use etc.

A typical example would be to choose public transportation, whose quality may be lesser than your car.  But this trade-off on quality-for-cost is something that you can manage!! 

Share your thoughts on instances where you “don’t need the best” and can afford to trade-off on quality-for-cost.

Photo Credit: espinr

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