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Posted June 23rd, 2009 by Ashwin and filed in Web 2.0
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If you are an active social networker (a.k.a. Twitter/Facebook/MySpace user), then NutshellMail is something to know about.

NutshellMail is a tool, where you can configure and view updates from your social networking accounts – Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn – all in a single dashboard.  You can also add multiple email accounts and view mails sent to them.

The power of NutshellMail comes with the delivery of a daily summary email, that contains updates from the accounts you have setup.  For instance, to see the twitter messages from the people I follow, I can just login to the inbox of my email.

I primarily use NutshellMail to:

  • Read Twitter messages
  • Read Direct Twitter messages sent to me
  • See who are my new followers or quitters!
  • Updates from LinkedIn
  • Messages to me on Facebook
  • Friend/Other requests to me on Facebook

I am sure NutshellMail simplifies you social activities, when you have limited time at your disposal.

I encourage you to try it and let me know how it goes!

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    Thanks for the great post on NutshellMail. I wanted to let your readers know that the NutshellMail email digest also offers interactive features. For example you can send tweets, retweets, direct messages and even follow and unfollow commands via email. If some starts to follow you, you can return the favor by clicking on the "follow" button below their picture. You can also read and comment on your friends news feeds from Facebook. Just click the "like" or "comment" link, type in your messages and NutshellMail will post it to

    My favorite feature, however, is the search phrase tracking. If you click "customize" in the Twitter section, you will be taken to a page where you can add as many search terms you would like to follow on Twitter". We will release several new features very soon and would love to get your feedback.

    Mark, co-founder of NutshellMail
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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for letting me know the additional and sophisticated features of NutshellMail. Yes these all sound great and should definitely improve the Twitter experience!!

    Being a regular user, I am looking forward to many such interesting features with NutshellMail.



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