Post Updates to Social Networking Sites using your E-Mail (Thanks Posterous!)

by Ashwin on July 27, 2009

in Web 2.0

Imagine! You are browsing the internet at workplace and suddenly come across an interesting piece of information, that you want to post to Facebook.  Alas, Facebook is blocked in your workplace! So what you do?  Posterous – is for your rescue.

If Posterous sounds extremely new to you – checkout their FAQ here  It is pretty exhaustive.

So, Posterous lets you post text, images or even videos right from your mailbox.  For instance, to post something to Facebook, set up your Posterous account, send an e-mail to a particular address – everything else is taken care by Posterous.


Keep an eye on this space for a detailed post on Posterous and how it might evolve into a “king-size” Twitter!

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