Posting to Twitter by E-Mail [Twitter]

by Ashwin on February 11, 2009

in Web 2.0

Is Twitter blocked by your Organization, terming it as a ‘Social Networking Site’ or you don’t have Internet access at all?  Can’t you live without your Twitter update?  Don’t worry.  There’s respite in sight.


TwitterMail is a service that can send tweets from your Twitter account, if you send them an e-mail. 

To set things up, you provide your Twitter credentials to TwitterMail and they give you an unique e-mail address.  All your further Tweets can be sent to this “e-mail” and they will be posted on Twitter.


You can choose to:

  • Send the Body (or) Subject (or) both Subject & Body as the Tweet message
  • Mail you when someone replies back (For this you need to provide your real e-mail address on setup)
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