Responsive Design vs WP Mobile Theme : Which one?

Responsive WPThere’s a lot of buzz around. Everyone want to be on Mobile. Everyone want their WordPress Sites to be Mobile friendly. And, many WordPress Themes are marketing themselves to be Responsive (we will see about it soon) and there are Mobile WP Themes & Plugins around. So which one is for you?
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When do Users abandon your Mobile Apps?

AbandonNot all Mobile Applications are successful. In many cases Mobile Apps based on awesome concepts, fail due to certain shortcomings. So, when users choose to abandon Mobile Apps?
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MWC 2012 Essential News – Day 3,4

MWC2012Here is the next set of Essential News from MWC 2012, across Day 3 and 4.  For earlier news from MWC 2012, check out the post here.
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MWC 2012 Essential News – Midway Report

MWC2012With 2 days of MWC 2012 already over, this post consolidates all the Essential News that you’ll be interested to know about the event in Barcelona.
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Mobile User Experience

User Experience is important in all forms of Applications.  It is extremely critical and significant in case of Mobile Applications.
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5 Tips to Create Performing Mobile Web Applications

Nowadays everyone want Mobile Web Applications.  Given the increasing usage of Mobile phones to go Online, it is necessary to make sure the Websites look good and work well on Phones.  Web Developers are equipping themselves with the knowledge of Mobile Web Development.  Here are 5 Tips to any Web Developer barging into the Mobile World, to create performing Mobile Web Applications.
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iPhone and iOS News from ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’

Here are the iPhone and iOS highlights from the Let’s Talk iPhone Event conducted by Apple, in its Cupertino Campus.  For a change this keynote was headed by Tim Cook, who took over from Steve Jobs as the CEO of Apple.
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jQuery Mobile First Look – Book Review

jQuery Mobile First LookIn a few years of time, jQuery Mobile is set to revolutionize the world of Mobile Web Development.  Among many frameworks that are focused on just Smartphone Development, jQuery Mobile has taken an holistic approach for Mobile Web Development across the Device Spectrum.  If you’d like to get started with jQuery Mobile and understand what it has to offer, there is no better way than to grab a copy of jQuery Mobile First Look Book (or eBook) from Packt Publishing.
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jQuery Mobile First Look – Starting Book Review!

jQuery Mobile First LookIf you have been following my Blog for sometime, you’ll notice that I cover quite details on jQuery Mobile – which I think is a big boost to the Mobile Web Development Community.  I plan to cover a lot more topics on jQuery Mobile both for Developer and the User Community, in the coming months through this Blog.

I have been recently contacted by Packt Publishing to know if I will be interested to review their New Book on jQuery Mobile – jQuery Mobile First Look.  I had a brief look at the Book’s Objectives and Contents and turned very enthusiastic at the opportunity to review it.

So here I am – starting to spend time reading it and subsequently reviewing it.  You can keep watching this Blog to get a detailed review on this Book and how it can help You with jQuery Mobile.

Meanwhile, if you like to check out the Book details – you can follow this link.