Flyte: India’s Answer to Amazon Music

FlyteIt was not long ago, that I tried to buy MP3 Music from Amazon Music, just to find out on Checkout that the Service is restricted to the US. Flyte, the Online Music Store from Flipkart, will be a boon to numerous Indian Music Lovers who love to buy legitimate stuff.
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Did MegaUpload die for SOPA? (which is already dead!)

Megaupload DeathThough SOPA died (postponed, to be exact) after a slew of protests from Major Internet Websites like Wikipedia, a cloud-based file sharing site was choked to death on 19 January 2012 by FBI on charges of Hosting Pirated Content and Copyright Infringement.  This is absolute crap, unless proved otherwise!
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Heello : Do we need another Twitter?

HeelloI am not sure if we need another Social Networking tool. Nevertheless, Noah Everett who is a co-founder with Twitter has launched Heello, which in most aspects look like a Simple Twitter Clone.

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All the Google Doodles to see!

Google Doodles

Are you a fan of Google Doodles – the innovative variations of the Google Logos based on the occasion?  If yes, you can get to see all the Google Doodles in one place - Google Logos

Also, you can check out the Fan Doodles, History of Doodles and also buy some Doodle Products like T-Shirts etc.

If you are obsessed with Google Doodles, you can also subscribe to the RSS Feed – so you will know when a new Doodle is out!

2 More Yahoo! Services see the End of Light!

We all know Yahoo! is struggling and looking at all possible ways to regain things that are lost.  As a part of those efforts, 2 more Services from Yahoo! will be suspended shortly – MyBlogLog and SearchPad.

MyBlogLog is community for Bloggers to collaborate and grow their Network and hence the Traffic.  It was acquired by Yahoo! way back in 2007.  Here’s the content of the shutdown mail from Yahoo!
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Gmail Notifications, just for the Chrome Browser

Google is trying another chance to have their Gmail Users glued to Google Chrome.  Google Chat and Gmail Notifications on your desktop are now available, but only on the Chrome Browser.
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