Flyte: India’s Answer to Amazon Music

FlyteIt was not long ago, that I tried to buy MP3 Music from Amazon Music, just to find out on Checkout that the Service is restricted to the US. Flyte, the Online Music Store from Flipkart, will be a boon to numerous Indian Music Lovers who love to buy legitimate stuff.

What is Flyte?

Flyte is Flipkart’s Online Music Store, where you can buy legitimate music for an affordable cost. Flipkart boasts of a huge collection of Music across all Indian Languages. Further, the Store also features International Music across various Languages.

One has an option to buy Individual Music MP3 Files or Albums. All MP3 files are DRM-Free, which means you have no restrictions in the usage of MP3 Files you download.

You can visit the FAQ section of Flyte, to know more relevant details -

Streaming? Mobile Player?

I am sure these are on the cards. But you can’t do the following right now with Flyte:

  • Stream Music Online from the Flyte Application (think Spotify). Flyte Application only acts as a Download Manager for your Music
  • There are no Mobile Clients currently available to download Music directly on to the Mobile Devices. MP3 must be downloaded on the Computer, before transferring to the devices


I am extremely glad that Flipkart is taking the next step, towards their vision to become the “Amazon of India” in e-Commerce and Online Shopping.

So what next – “Kindle for India”?

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