5 Tips to Create Performing Mobile Web Applications

Nowadays everyone want Mobile Web Applications.  Given the increasing usage of Mobile phones to go Online, it is necessary to make sure the Websites look good and work well on Phones.  Web Developers are equipping themselves with the knowledge of Mobile Web Development.  Here are 5 Tips to any Web Developer barging into the Mobile World, to create performing Mobile Web Applications.

1.  Understand Mobile is not Desktop

Though there are Mobile Devices available in the market with processing powers and capacities equivalent to Computers, they are siginificantly different.  Here are some key factors on which the mobile devices differ:

  • Size of Display
  • Runtime Memory
  • Battery Consumption
  • Usage Patterns

So keep these basic differences in mind, while developing Web Applications for the Mobile devices.

2.  Mobile costs Money

Mobile Data Networks are vastly improving but still they are not cheap.  Most Networks still charge users proportional to their Data Usage.  So as a developer, make sure to:

  • Use a Server Call only when necessary
  • Transfer minimum necessary data required from Server to Client, thus minimizing the Data Traffic
  • Wherever possible, let the user know that you are about to use his/her Mobile Network Connection

3.  Mobile is used when the User is in a Hurry!

Most people use Mobile Devices for Internet Applications when they are in a Hurry or Traveling!  This makes it imperative to design applications clutter-free and organizing the content from “most important to least”.  Also it is wise to discard certain features from your Desktop Site on Mobile, if they don’t make sense for Mobile Usage.

4.  Mobile can be used Offline

It is natural for Mobile Devices to be used Offline, that is without an Internet Connectivity.  This happens when the user is traveling or when the Data Connectivity has been turned off to avoid Data Usage.  Though traditionally Mobile Web Applications cannot be used without Internet, using techniques like “Offline Access” in HTML5 you can decide if Offline usage will be supported.  Define Offline Use Cases for your Mobile Applications and if they make real sense, go for Offline Access.

5.  Mobile is Microscopic

On the Small Screen of a Mobile Device, any flaws in your application can be easily exposed – be it the UI Misalignment or Wrong Data.  So it takes a lot of testing to make sure your Mobile Web Applications are perfect to be used.  Hence, plan for a longer testing phase than you will for a Desktop Web Application.

These are some minimum considerations for a Web Developer to start Building Mobile Web Applications.  There are a lot more Pros and Cons to Building Mobile Web Apps, which we will discuss later.  So what do you think are minimum considerations that are missing in this post.  I would love to hear!


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