jQuery Mobile First Look – Book Review

jQuery Mobile First LookIn a few years of time, jQuery Mobile is set to revolutionize the world of Mobile Web Development.  Among many frameworks that are focused on just Smartphone Development, jQuery Mobile has taken an holistic approach for Mobile Web Development across the Device Spectrum.  If you’d like to get started with jQuery Mobile and understand what it has to offer, there is no better way than to grab a copy of jQuery Mobile First Look Book (or eBook) from Packt Publishing.

Reader Levels

jQuery Mobile Framework’s greatest advantage is that it doesn’t require a developer to be a “Javascript Expert”.  With an entry level Javascript expertise and a good understanding of HTML and CSS, anyone can start developing applications on jQuery Mobile.

This book makes it even simpler and requires the reader to have a Basic understanding of just HTML and CSS.  Everything else related to jQuery Mobile can be learnt just by reading this book.  So if you are holding on with Mobile Web Development, just because you are wary of Javascript – grab a copy of this book and you can start developing applications like a breeze.

Coverage of Topics

This book covers every other topic that you need to know and learn about jQuery Mobile.  After reading, this book can also serve as a handy guide for your jQuery Mobile Development – together with some excellent documentation provided by the jQuery Mobile.

In a nutshell, this book covers the following:

  • jQuery Mobile and other Mobile Web Frameworks – a comparison study
  • Configuring and extending jQuery Mobile
  • Building nice Content and Toolbars
  • Mobile Forms and Buttons
  • List Views and Beyond
  • Nice set of References

Quality of Examples

With a lot of informative Screenshots and illustrations, the quality of examples provided in this book are excellent.  Through these examples, you not just get an understanding of the concepts but also visualize how they work on Mobile Web Applications.

Also each illustration is backed by a clear explanation, thus making it very obvious and even more informative.  Such quality of examples makes this book a must-have companion for “newbie” jQuery Mobile Developers.

Code Snippets

Don’t want to write code by yourself to check how something works?  Don’t worry.  This book has sufficient amount of Code Snippets about different components of the jQuery Mobile Framework.

If you have a soft copy of this Book, you can just copy the code into your Application and immediately see how it works.  For complex code snippets, the author has provided sufficient supplementary information so that the reader is not overwhelmed looking at a gargantuan piece of code.


Overall, jQuery Mobile First Look is a value for your money and it helps you to get on fast track with your Mobile Web Application Development.  Language used in the book is very clean and simple to read.  Also the quality of examples and illustrations are top-class and you are sure to excel with jQuery Mobile after reading this book, unless you don’t wish to.

You can order your copy by visiting the jQuery Mobile First Look Website.

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