Mobile Web W3C Training : Course Review

W3C Mobile WebI recently completed my training and all related course work for Mobile Web W3C Training, that makes me eligible for a Certificate from W3C.  In this post, I would like to share some feedback on the course, which in many aspects exceeded my expectations.

Course Outline

This course will suit you if you are a Web Developer or a Web Designer, planning to venture into the Mobile Web Development.  Basic understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript will add a lot of value to this course – without which it may be a lot difficult to tackle the assignments.

Here are the topics you can expect to learn through this Course (however the content can vary in the future versions):

  • Specificity of Mobile Web
  • Mobile Device and Bandwidth Considerations
  • Concepts of Progressive Enhancement
  • CSS Media Queries
  • Server Side Content Adaptation for Mobile
  • Local Storage and Offline Acces (from HTML5)
  • Web Sites to Web Apps
  • W3C Widget Basics
In short, the topics covered go along well with the objectives of the course.

Quality of Content

This has been awesome.  All the content throughout the course, were presented with a lot of precision and conciseness.  References and examples used with the content were of very high quality and can definitely add a lot of value to the Mobile Web Development experience.

Phil and his team of tutors for this course have done a great job in putting together high quality Content and useful Assignments.  Thanks to all of them!

Collaboration and Feedback

At the onset of the course, Phil announced the availability of an Online Forum for all the participants to discuss all details relevant to the course.  This idea proved to be very useful and the Forum was a great place to share ideas, get advice, offer help and also to showcase some really great work.  There was a good collaboration between participants, throughout the course.

I still wonder how Phil and Frances (the tutors) found time to spend on the Forums answering questions from the Participants and also to give Constructive Feedback on the Assignments submitted to them.  I always found the Feedback on the Assignments to be very sincere and detailed.  This is a “major plus” for the Online Course, considering the Volume of Participants.

Takeaways from the Course

For a Web Developer or Designer, here are the key takeaways from the Course:

  • Understand why Developing on Mobile Web is challenging
  • What are the considerations to keep in mind while Developing on Mobile Web
  • How to adapt Content for various medium like Desktop, Mobile, Tablets etc.?
  • Understanding the concepts of One Web
  • Moving on to Mobile Web Apps…


Overall, I found the course very useful to start Creating High Quality, Superior Performance and Highly Usable Mobile Web Apps.

If you are interested in taking up this course, registrations are open for the Next Session that starts in September 2011.  Click here to check the details and register.

I will be happy to answer any questions that I can help you with.  Post them as comments to this entry!

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