Make your WordPress Site Faster (without plugins)

Fast WordPress SitesNo one likes it slow, especially when it comes to Websites.  Though the Internet speed governs the rate at which a Web Page loads, as a Site Owner (and Developer), you can do a few things to make the Site load Faster.  We will discuss a few in this post (though this post says WordPress Site, these concepts can be used to make any Website Fast!)
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Move your Thesis WordPress Blog to another Hosting or Domain

As a Thesis Theme Developer, I handle moving Thesis WordPress Blogs across Test and Production hosting systems almost every week.  In this post, I have detailed the steps you must follow to move a Thesis Powered WordPress across Hosting Systems – in most cases to a different Domain Name.
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Use Thesis Multimedia Box as Affiliate Ads Rotator

Thesis Theme has a nice little Multimedia box, that can be put to use for various purposes.  In this post, I will show you how it can be used as your Affiliate Ads rotator.

And that without writing any code in the Custom files!
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The Client Machine – A New WordPress Theme!

Here is an incredible WordPress 3.0 Theme just released by FreelanceFolder and you are going to love it as a Freelancer!  And, it’s called the Client Machine!

What’s so cool about this Theme? Read on to find about it.
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Have WordPress Questions? Your Answer is here!

Ever encountered a situation where you were scouting for WordPress developers to solve a problem in hand?  Ever spent hundreds of dollars in getting an answer for otherwise simple WordPress problem?  Your life is about to become simpler.
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MagicMembers – A Premium WordPress Membership Plugin

Sometime back, I wrote a post on how to turn your WordPress Blog into a Membership Site using Free Plugins.  Though it is sufficient for beginners, a fully-featured WordPress Membership Site requires much more than that!

In this post, we will look a Premium and Highly Robust WordPress Membership Plugin – MagicMembers – and what it has to offer. [Read more...]

Planning to spend $$ on WordPress Membership Software? Read this first

Do a Google Search for “WordPress Membership Software” and you will find hundreds of results pointing to a wealth of paid & premium software. Most of them are great and powerful, like Wishlist Membership Plugin. But if your needs are simple like creating subscriptions and restricting access to few Posts/Pages – it is unnecessary to shell out 100$+ on these software. I will show you 2 simple and FREE plugins that can do the trick!
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Hide Dates in Old WordPress Posts using Thesis Theme


Hiding the published-on date in old WordPress posts is requested in many Thesis Customizations.  Sometimes this helps in avoiding the content to appear outdated, for the readers of your site.

In this post, I will show you how to hide the date in posts using the Thesis Theme custom files, without the need to tweak any of the core files.  To know how – read on!

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Create a Full-Height Sidebar and Full-Width Navigation Menu in Thesis Theme


Thesis Theme gives you complete freedom in customizing the looks and the behavior of your WordPress Blog.

In this post, I will show you how to make the Sidebar of your Thesis Theme “Full-Height” and the Navigation Menu “Full-width”.  As with the other Thesis Theme tutorials – you will be editing the custom.css and custom_functions.php files.  If you are not sure about these files – please read on and I will give you the step-by-step procedure for getting things done.

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