Make your WordPress Site Faster (without plugins)

Fast WordPress SitesNo one likes it slow, especially when it comes to Websites.  Though the Internet speed governs the rate at which a Web Page loads, as a Site Owner (and Developer), you can do a few things to make the Site load Faster.  We will discuss a few in this post (though this post says WordPress Site, these concepts can be used to make any Website Fast!)
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CSS – Understanding the float [Webbing Tips]

In this post, you will understand the ‘float’ property with CSS, what it does and when to use it in your Web Application.  This post is part of the Webbing Tips series, where you learn a Web Development related tip or concept with just 10 minutes of your time.

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A Programmer’s Focus

A Programmer’s Focus should be making the Program work!  Is that it?  That’s what I find with most Programmers today.  But there is even more.
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Web Workers, Sockets and Intents. What?

Modern Web, also known as HTML5 brings with it a lot of jargons and keywords that baffle Web Developers.  Few among these jargons are – Web Workers, Web Sockets and Web Intents.  What are these?  Let’s see them briefly in this post, but mind this is not a tutorial – just an Intro post with links to good sources to learn more.
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jQuery UI Themes Beginner Guide : Book Review

jQuery UI Themes BookOne of the greatest strengths of jQuery Framework is the ability to develop your own UI Themes and significantly control the look and feel of the application, beyond what the framework offers.  But, to make your own themes, you must completely understand the basics of UI Themes in jQuery.  jQuery UI Themes Beginner’s Guide Book from Packt Publishing, helps you get started from scratch and excel with developing your own UI Themes.
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Clean and Simple Javascript Image Slider!

If you are looking for a clean and simple Javascript Image Slider for your next Web project, look no further than Nivo Slider.

Here are some key features of this slider to consider:

  • Built on the jQuery Framework which is still one of the best Javascript frameworks around
  • Very simple to use.  Just include the Libraries (and CSS if required), put in the HTML Slider Section and attach the Slider to the Slider Section
  • Has tons of options (about 20+) to customize the behavior of the Slider
  • Available as plugins for popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal etc.
  • And, the basic version is available for FREE

Try it out and let me know what you think!