A Programmer’s Focus

A Programmer’s Focus should be making the Program work!  Is that it?  That’s what I find with most Programmers today.  But there is even more.

Here is a small questionnaire (or checklist) a Programmer can use to check if their Program is better than just Working:

  • Is the Program using the Most Appropriate Data Structure?
  • Is the Program written in the Minimum Number of Lines of Code possible?
  • Will the Program run or exit gracefully when there is literally “No” Memory available?
  • Is the Program understandable to another Programmer without you explaining a Line of Code?
  • Does the Program clean up all Memory Space it has occupied during its Execution?
  • Does the Program handle All Invalid Inputs and also No Inputs?
  • Can the Program be Extended later without modifying the Program itself?
  • Does the Program have sufficient Documentation for a Programmer to use it in their Program?

This checklist is Not Platform Specific.

These are a bare minimum points, which every programmer must check.

Let’s make Coding an Art!

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