When do Users abandon your Mobile Apps?

AbandonNot all Mobile Applications are successful. In many cases Mobile Apps based on awesome concepts, fail due to certain shortcomings. So, when users choose to abandon Mobile Apps?

#1 Crash

Application crashes primarily contribute to App Failures. An App that crashes in the middle of its usage, has certainly a Lost User.

More Worse, will be the Loss of Essential Data or Screwed up Transactions.

#2 Bad Design

Crappy or Unthoughtful Design can certainly set off Users. A Clean Design is essential irrespective of whether the App belongs to Utility, Productivity or the Immersive Category.

#3 Inferior Usability

App Stores offer an option for the users to preview the Design before Purchase or Download. But, the Usability is realized only when they start using the App.

Usability plays a key role to make any App, a Success. The lack of it leads to definite failure.

#4 Poor Performance

If your App performs badly in terms of Speed and Operation under normal circumstances of usage, then it could lead to abandonment.

Understand the usage patterns of your App and make sure the Performance is acceptable.

#5 Slow Network Latency

Certain Apps, like the ones that deal with Images and Videos, perform badly when used in slower networks (like EDGE).

If slower data networks are common in your Primary Market, make sure the Performance is reasonable.

#6 Eating up Battery Life

An App that eats up all the Battery Life in less than an Hour, deserves to be removed. Though with Immersive Applications like Games, the Device Resource Usage is inevitable, make sure to keep an optimum balance between Application Usage and Battery Life.


Mobile App Users are getting increasingly savvy due to the choice of Applications around them. There is a high chance your App to be abandoned by these users under following circumstances:

  • Crash
  • Bad Design
  • Inferior Usability
  • Bad Performance
  • Slow Network Latency
  • Eating up Battery Life
Photo Credit: boklm on Flickr
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