MWC 2012 Essential News – Day 3,4

MWC2012Here is the next set of Essential News from MWC 2012, across Day 3 and 4.  For earlier news from MWC 2012, check out the post here.

Highlights of Day 3, 4 (29 Feb, 1 Mar) – MWC 2012

Facebook and Mobile Web – It is already known, but in MWC 2012 Brett Taylor, the CTO of Facebook confirmed that Facebook will continue to focus on Mobile Web initiatives going forward

Intel getting more into Mobile – Intel exposed its interest to get deeper into Mobile, with a string of new partnerships on the Mobile Devices area

Operators looking for sub-$50 Smartphones – Airtel (India) and Telefonica (Latin America) have called for Mobile Manufacturers to cut down the Smartphone costs to sub-$50 for great Mobile Data usage.  Also this can bring in the popular concept of “Operator-tied Low Cost phones as in USA to these markets

CEOs of Nokia, HTC, Foursquare discuss Windows – The growth prospects and the future of Windows as a Smartphone Operating System is the core of the discussion between the CEOs of these companies

Nokia’s Stephen Elop talks about the Company Strategy – Nokia is approaching the market with the three-tiered approach of Local Awareness, Location Services and Monetizing the Ecosystem

Nokia’s Pureview 808 (the Symbian Phone) wins “Best in Show” Award – The non-Android phone (!) with an amazing 41-pixel camera won the Best in Show award

After Eluga, it is Eluga Power from Panasonic – Panasonic unveiled the second smartphone offering, Eluga Power powered by Android

Acer Liquid Glow unveiled – After CloudMobile, Acer unveiled Liquid Glow with 1 GHz Snapdragon Processor, that will be powered by a customized Android version

 Novero’s Solana unveils Netbook running Windows 7 and Android – $800 Netbook that can run on Windows 7 and Android has been introduced

Polaroid’s Pro Smartphone - The photographic company has introduced the Polaroid Pro Series of Smartphones powered by Android, featuring an HD Camera

News Source:

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