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With the Android-powered HTC Dream just around the corner, let us take a quick preview about the phone, its features and the “midas-touch” of Google.

Android is the Mobile Operating System developed by Google.  Programming language is Java, so J2ME developers should have little or no trouble embracing it.

Though HTC Dream formal announcement by T-Mobile is due on 23 September, following are expected to be the high level features:

  • Large Touch Screen
  • Full QWERTY feedback
  • Keypad that slides/swivels for easy typing and editing
  • Internet Navigation controls below the touchscreen display
  • Enhanced GUI features like pulling down the title bar, creating shortcuts, enhanced locking etc.

Android Video - 1

User can devise a pattern of Finger movement on-screen and use it to lock/unlock. Pulling down the Title bar reveals Notifications, Missed Calls and New messages. Navigation between the screens is possible using finger gestures; no longer clicking of menu items or buttons. Also one can Drag-n-drop items through finger gestures. Creating Shortcuts on the desktop (bookmarks, contacts, GMail messages etc.), by mere “3 finger clicks”.

Android Video - 2

Google maps gets the treat of Street View on the Android. Also, with the built-in compass, this is awesome.

Android Video - 3

Android Developer Challenge, has gone a long way in developing some useful applications. Here is a demo of the Pac-Man game.

Android Video - 4

I don’t see any different between the Google Desktop Maps and this one. All features are available and faster with 3G network.

Android Video - 5

Customize the way you lock/unlock Android.

Overall, the demo videos look promising. It is also learnt that HTC Dream might sell for $199. Then, this will be a direct competition to iPhone. With a good Android Developer Community and the “open-source” tag, I feel Android has a better advantage!

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