10 Free Portable Applications for Windows you cannot ignore

Do you use multiple computers? Then, it is highly possible that you have the favorite applications installed on each of them.

Here is a list of 10 Free Portable Applications for Windows, that you cannot ignore. These applications can be carried on any hardware like USB Drive, CD or iPod and no personal data is left behind on the computer. Also the settings like bookmarks, preferences, email settings etc., are portable and retained across computers, in a secure way

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1. Notepad++ Portable

Notepad++ is a text editor to continue your development on the go. It has support for various programming languages and an extensive plug-in system. A must have tool for all programmers

2. VLC Media Player Portable

VLC Media Player is a popular application, that plays most of the common audio and video formats. Carry your audio and video, along with your personalized player, with this portable application

3. FileZilla Portable

Filezilla is the popular open source FTP application. If you access multiple FTP sites and like to retain the access details across computers, then this portable application is for you

4. Mozilla Firefox Portable

Carry the powerful Firefox browser everywhere, intact with all your Extensions, Bookmarks, Bookmarklets and Browsing history, using this portable application. This is my favorite out of this list!

5. Mozilla Thunderbird Portable

Mozilla Thunderbird is a robust and easy to use Email client. Through this portable application, you can carry your email account settings and emails, wherever you go!

6. Pidgin Portable

Pidgin is a free to use Instant Messaging (IM) client, that works across all popular platforms. Pidgin can be configured to work with AOL, Yahoo, GMail, MSN, ICQ and Jabber Networks. With this portable application, all your IM settings and contact lists are available everywhere

7. Sumatra PDF Portable

Sumatra PDF is a light weight PDF viewer packaged as a portable application, for viewing your PDF files on the go

8. Abiword Portable

Abiword is a light weight word processor. You can use it to view and edit Microsoft Word files. With this portable application, you can use it on the go

9. KeePass Password Safe Portable

KeePass is a robust application for managing your passwords. You can easily group the User names and set up reminders for periodic password updates. Now you have an option to use it on the go! Thus, you have all your passwords handy any time

10. PNotes Portable

PNotes is a robust sticky notes application with skins, scheduler and flexible display options. Now with this portable application you can carry your appointments, to-do’s and other information everywhere

For more Portable applications, head right here

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