Things I love about Chennai

April 16th, 2008 Comments Posted in General

Love about Chennai

  • Stroll on Elliots Beach, on a pleasant Sunday morning
  • Long drive along ECR
  • Anjaneyar Temple (Nanganallur)
  • Sambar Idli in Saravana Bhavan :)
  • Spending half-a-day in Spencer Plaza and getting a Cotton shirt for 100 bucks…
  • Trade fair on the Island grounds
  • Mylapore & Triplicane (something about these places attract me)
  • Satyam Theaters and Mayajaal

There is just one thing I hate about Chennai

  • Sweat, Sweat and more Sweat!!!


Into a new place!!

December 7th, 2007 Comments Posted in Uncategorized

Past couple of months were pretty hectic.  Did not really find time to post entries in my blog or to get into the Google reader (unread posts over 3000 ).

Finally, I decided to take one of the opportunities I got for my career change.  Had really a tough time deciding on the opportunities, due to various pros and cons in each of them.  And my final decision enabled me to get back to Chennai.  Slowly settling down at the new work place!!  New office, new people, new project, new technologies, new domain but the same old city :)
Trying to adapt myself to the change and hoping to come out good.  Wish me good luck guys!!