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How to get your (first) Guest Post published?

September 13, 2009 · Comments

in Blogging Tips

Guest Posts are one of the best ways to build your network of readers.  But how do you get started with guest blogging?  How to make sure that the Publisher says ‘Yes’ to your guest blog request, right away?  This post talks about the step-by-step process to get your (first) guest post published

Make a list of Prospective Blogs

It is essential that you make a list of blogs or sites, where you would like the guest post to appear.  This way your targets are set.  I would recommend to keep in mind the following, while choosing the prospective blogs:

  • Choose Blogs or Sites in your niche
  • Make sure that the Blog or Site is reasonably popular
  • Make sure that the topics covered in the Blog are something you are comfortable with

Follow these Prospective Blogs

Once you know where your guest posts should appear – start following these blogs or websites.  I would recommend never to Guest Post on a Blog or Site, unless you follow them for at least a month. 

Here are some popular ways of following Blogs:

  • Subscribe via RSS
  • Subscribe to Newsletters
  • Follow on Twitter
  • Join the Facebook page or other ways of connecting

Engage in Discussions

Once you follow them for a while – the topics, kind of posts and the readers become familiar.  Now is the right time to start engaging in discussions.

Comment on posts – expressing your views, disagreements or improvements.  Understand that lame comments like Thanks for the great post! etc. never sell!  If you don’t have anything to worthy to comment on a post, silence is golden.

Promote the Blog and their Posts

People and especially Bloggers love those who promote them.  Promoting good content also makes others listen to you.  Some of the popular ways to promote content are:

  • Tweet (or Retweet) posts
  • Save them to Delicious
  • Digg them
  • Share via StumbleUpon
  • … and many more

Make a Proposal for a Guest Post

Now the D-time!  Once you have done all these – chances are less that your guest post request will be rejected (or ignored).  Nevertheless, make sure that your request contains the following:

  • A brief on why you would like a guest post in their blog
  • An abstract of what you are planning to post
  • If possible, attach links to some of the best posts from your blog

Also, using a contact form is a better way to make a request.  Because, direct emails are sometimes lost or ignored.

I am sure you are now making an offer, that the publisher cannot refuse!!  Once you have the first post published, then network with the publisher for further posts and other collaborations.  Also make sure to invite them for a guest post on your Blog (depends on the magnitude of the publisher!).

Anything missing?  Have some feedback or suggestions?  Shoot them as comments to this post.  I would love to hear them all.

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