Heello : Do we need another Twitter?

HeelloI am not sure if we need another Social Networking tool. Nevertheless, Noah Everett who is a co-founder with Twitter has launched Heello, which in most aspects look like a Simple Twitter Clone.

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jQuery Mobile First Look – Starting Book Review!

jQuery Mobile First LookIf you have been following my Blog for sometime, you’ll notice that I cover quite details on jQuery Mobile – which I think is a big boost to the Mobile Web Development Community.  I plan to cover a lot more topics on jQuery Mobile both for Developer and the User Community, in the coming months through this Blog.

I have been recently contacted by Packt Publishing to know if I will be interested to review their New Book on jQuery Mobile – jQuery Mobile First Look.  I had a brief look at the Book’s Objectives and Contents and turned very enthusiastic at the opportunity to review it.

So here I am – starting to spend time reading it and subsequently reviewing it.  You can keep watching this Blog to get a detailed review on this Book and how it can help You with jQuery Mobile.

Meanwhile, if you like to check out the Book details – you can follow this link.

Mobile Web W3C Training : Course Review

W3C Mobile WebI recently completed my training and all related course work for Mobile Web W3C Training, that makes me eligible for a Certificate from W3C.  In this post, I would like to share some feedback on the course, which in many aspects exceeded my expectations.

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All the Google Doodles to see!

Google Doodles

Are you a fan of Google Doodles – the innovative variations of the Google Logos based on the occasion?  If yes, you can get to see all the Google Doodles in one place - Google Logos

Also, you can check out the Fan Doodles, History of Doodles and also buy some Doodle Products like T-Shirts etc.

If you are obsessed with Google Doodles, you can also subscribe to the RSS Feed – so you will know when a new Doodle is out!

Clean and Simple Javascript Image Slider!

If you are looking for a clean and simple Javascript Image Slider for your next Web project, look no further than Nivo Slider.

Here are some key features of this slider to consider:

  • Built on the jQuery Framework which is still one of the best Javascript frameworks around
  • Very simple to use.  Just include the Libraries (and CSS if required), put in the HTML Slider Section and attach the Slider to the Slider Section
  • Has tons of options (about 20+) to customize the behavior of the Slider
  • Available as plugins for popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal etc.
  • And, the basic version is available for FREE

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Why Opera Mobile App Store is Cool?

Opera launched a Cross Platform Mobile App Store, which is a repository of Apps across various Phone Platforms.  Currently the supported platforms are – Android, Blackberry, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile. iOS is conspicuous by absence, but probably there may be links soon back to the Apple Store.

I think it is pretty cool for the following reasons:

  • It is a Web App.  Pretty easy to use on any device with a Browser and supported Platform, nothing to install
  • Can build an Ecosystem of Developers to market their Apps, across various Platforms
  • Centralized Billing for Apps on multiple platforms – usually helpful if you own multiple devices on Android, Blackberry etc.
  • Huge scope for tracking the Statistics on Apps usage and popularity across platforms

I can’t do much with the Store, as I just have an iPhone and nothing else.  But this is surely an App Store to keep our eyes on.

2 More Yahoo! Services see the End of Light!

We all know Yahoo! is struggling and looking at all possible ways to regain things that are lost.  As a part of those efforts, 2 more Services from Yahoo! will be suspended shortly – MyBlogLog and SearchPad.

MyBlogLog is community for Bloggers to collaborate and grow their Network and hence the Traffic.  It was acquired by Yahoo! way back in 2007.  Here’s the content of the shutdown mail from Yahoo!
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Gmail Notifications, just for the Chrome Browser

Google is trying another chance to have their Gmail Users glued to Google Chrome.  Google Chat and Gmail Notifications on your desktop are now available, but only on the Chrome Browser.
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Indian Mobile Browser Share

In a recent post at Quirksmode Blog, where Peter-Paul Koch is writing a series on Mobile browser shares across different countries – here is the observation on the Indian Market.

It is pretty obvious that Opera is at the top of the chart, as it is available for most of the Medium Java Powered phones.  Webkit is gaining but still a long way to go.  Growth of Webkit share may also be slow considering the pricing segment of those devices.

Another interesting number is the Mobile Browsing share which is about 16% of all Browsing.  It is sure to improve with the introduction of 3G across the country.  Let’s keep watching these stats!