2011 Holiday Bundle from ABookApart for Web Designers

ABookApart 2011 Holiday PromotionIf you are a Web Designer or a Developer, then you certainly can’t resist this Holiday offer from ABookApart.  You get a flat 30% discount on all the 6 publications currently available in their Store.  This applies to both the versions – eBook and Paperback.
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jQuery UI Themes Beginner Guide : Book Review

jQuery UI Themes BookOne of the greatest strengths of jQuery Framework is the ability to develop your own UI Themes and significantly control the look and feel of the application, beyond what the framework offers.  But, to make your own themes, you must completely understand the basics of UI Themes in jQuery.  jQuery UI Themes Beginner’s Guide Book from Packt Publishing, helps you get started from scratch and excel with developing your own UI Themes.
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jQuery Mobile First Look – Book Review

jQuery Mobile First LookIn a few years of time, jQuery Mobile is set to revolutionize the world of Mobile Web Development.  Among many frameworks that are focused on just Smartphone Development, jQuery Mobile has taken an holistic approach for Mobile Web Development across the Device Spectrum.  If you’d like to get started with jQuery Mobile and understand what it has to offer, there is no better way than to grab a copy of jQuery Mobile First Look Book (or eBook) from Packt Publishing.
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Heello : Do we need another Twitter?

HeelloI am not sure if we need another Social Networking tool. Nevertheless, Noah Everett who is a co-founder with Twitter has launched Heello, which in most aspects look like a Simple Twitter Clone.

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jQuery Mobile First Look – Starting Book Review!

jQuery Mobile First LookIf you have been following my Blog for sometime, you’ll notice that I cover quite details on jQuery Mobile – which I think is a big boost to the Mobile Web Development Community.  I plan to cover a lot more topics on jQuery Mobile both for Developer and the User Community, in the coming months through this Blog.

I have been recently contacted by Packt Publishing to know if I will be interested to review their New Book on jQuery Mobile – jQuery Mobile First Look.  I had a brief look at the Book’s Objectives and Contents and turned very enthusiastic at the opportunity to review it.

So here I am – starting to spend time reading it and subsequently reviewing it.  You can keep watching this Blog to get a detailed review on this Book and how it can help You with jQuery Mobile.

Meanwhile, if you like to check out the Book details – you can follow this link.

Mobile Web W3C Training : Course Review

W3C Mobile WebI recently completed my training and all related course work for Mobile Web W3C Training, that makes me eligible for a Certificate from W3C.  In this post, I would like to share some feedback on the course, which in many aspects exceeded my expectations.

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Mastermind Sessions – Worth your Money!

Dave Navarro has done a really great job in his recently launched – More Buyers Mastermind 2010 Course – that includes 14 Incredible “virtual mastermind” sessions, from 14 Incredible Entrepreneurs.

By Signing up for this course – you’ll receive 2 Strategy Sessions every week – later followed by Action Plans.  If you are an Internet Seller and looking to Grow and Excel in your Online Business, this is a “must signup”!

So far, 4 Strategy Sessions are up and available – they are awesome and value for Money (already!).

You can no longer lock-in the Introductory Price – but still the Sessions are worth the Full Price of the Course.

Click here to Know more and Sign up! (Non-affiliate link, I am recommending because I found it useful and will surely help you Sell more)

Batchbook CRM Software : A Review

A Robust CRM Software is essential for every Seller!  I was using Batchbook CRM Software sometime back (probably 8 months), but didn’t continue due to its Lack of Usability and Complicated Interface. But over the past few months, Batchbook has worked & improved a lot on these aspects and I am giving it a “second” try.

I find it interesting so far and here is a Review of the Product (purely from my perspective)

Solid Features

Contacts Import

I can easily Import Contacts from Google Contacts, Freshbooks, Mailchimp and many other popular services.  This way, I can get all my Friends, Co-Workers, Clients and Email Subscribers in to my Batchbook, within minutes.  Further, I can also import contacts from vCard and CSV file formats

Clean Dashboard

The Dashboard is very clean, highlighting only the essentials and abstracting the rest.  I can also customize the Dashboard and see things that matter the most.

Integrated ToDo List

I manage all my ToDo Tasks related to Clients and Communication, from Batchbook.  This way I can keep things together and don’t have to run around for my Tasks and the Contacts

Email Communications

Having an Email Communication with Contacts and wish to record it?  Simply forward the Mail to the dedicated Batchbook Mail Address linked to the Account and the communication will be logged

Manage Deals

From within Batchbook, I can Create and Manage all my Deals with Clients.  Also, I can associate Tasks, Events and Communications with the Deal – to have everything in a single place

Super Tags for Advanced Tagging

With the Super Tag feature, I can not just tag my Contacts and other entries but also associate Additional details to the Base Tag.  For Example, “Website Customer” can be a Super Tag and I can add Attributes like “WordPress Client” etc. under it.


Batchbook is very friendly, when it comes to Pricing (at least according to me, considering the similar products around)

A Starter Account with 1 User Account, 2 GB Storage and Unlimited Contacts costs about $9.95/month.  Click here to view all the Available Pricing Plans. Each Plan also comes with 30 Days Trial period, for you to try their services


First, the Batchbook CRM is hosted on the Web and always accessible. I don’t need any software installed on the Computer, other than your Browser of course.

Second, Batchbook has recently released their iPhone App and I can have the Contact list handy on the GO.  For me, this is a very Powerful Option and strong driver to try Batchbook


No tool is perfect; at least not in the first attempt.  I can think of the following improvements to the Batchbook Software and I hope those concerned are listening:

  • Freshbooks Invoices are imported but the Invoice Amounts are Incorrect/Missing
  • Some Duplicate Contacts across Google & Freshbooks aren’t merged.  Instead separate Entries are created for each Contact.  An Automatic Merge can be handy!
  • For a few of My Contacts, the software ignores to locate them on Social Media (though they are there)!


I am satisfied with the Batchbook CRM Software.  It is backed by some Strong Features, Competitively Priced and Highly Accessible.  I would highly recommend it to my Sales Friends.

Do you like this Sofware?  How do you manage to make the Full Use of it?  Let me know!

A Killer eBook on Online Marketing!

Online Marketing of Websites and Products are getting challenging everyday.

With a lot of competition around, my friend Derek Halpern has released a Killer eBook to help you with this!

We have long been advised and trained on Body Language, with reference to Professional and Personal lives.  In this eBook, you will learn that such Body Language is very well applicable to your Website or your Blog.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How “Line of Sight” Increases Conversion Rates
  • The Best Way to Optimize Images to Grab Reader Attention
  • How “Active Commands” Influence People to Take Some Form of Action
  • The “One Page, One Goal” Method to Streamlining Your Website
  • How the CIA “Face in the Crowd” Tactic Applies Online
  • The Perfect, Most Persuasive Font for Any Situation

I grabbed this eBook and finished reading it in just 30 minutes.  But this eBook will be my reference and the ideas I learned will be my base for the Online Marketing Endeavours.

And did I tell you that this eBook if Free? Click to grab a copy of this Awesome eBook!