Did MegaUpload die for SOPA? (which is already dead!)

Megaupload DeathThough SOPA died (postponed, to be exact) after a slew of protests from Major Internet Websites like Wikipedia, MegaUpload.com a cloud-based file sharing site was choked to death on 19 January 2012 by FBI on charges of Hosting Pirated Content and Copyright Infringement.  This is absolute crap, unless proved otherwise!
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Heello : Do we need another Twitter?

HeelloI am not sure if we need another Social Networking tool. Nevertheless, Noah Everett who is a co-founder with Twitter has launched Heello, which in most aspects look like a Simple Twitter Clone.

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All the Google Doodles to see!

Google Doodles

Are you a fan of Google Doodles – the innovative variations of the Google Logos based on the occasion?  If yes, you can get to see all the Google Doodles in one place - Google Logos

Also, you can check out the Fan Doodles, History of Doodles and also buy some Doodle Products like T-Shirts etc.

If you are obsessed with Google Doodles, you can also subscribe to the RSS Feed – so you will know when a new Doodle is out!